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Beautiful Cedar Shake Siding at Great Prices for Ontario

Cedar siding looks great and protects your home. Nothing could be better—nothing except better quality siding. At Pacific Cedar Shake & Shingle we only sell high-quality siding for use in renovations and new builds. We have an incredible range to choose from including select tight knot, kiln dried, and clear siding. You can choose from a huge range of sizes and styles too including our cedar bevel siding which will allows you to have an attractive shadow line that varies with the thickness of siding selected. Visitors can visit the showroom to purchase siding or arrange to have an order shipped anywhere in Southern Ontario. Look below to see our range and feel free to call us today if you have any questions or you’d like a quote.



At Pacific Cedar Shake & Shingle, we take pride in offering Hand Split & Re Sawn Shakes that exemplify true craftsmanship and rustic character. These shakes are a testament to the artistry of our woodworkers and the natural beauty of cedar wood. Each shake is a work of precision, where the exposed face showcases the raw, untamed grain of the wood, while the back face is meticulously sawn smooth for a balanced blend of aesthetics and durability. Explore this collection to discover how Hand Split & Re Sawn Shakes can add a touch of timeless charm to your project.


Channel siding is a testament to the beauty found in simplicity. At Pacific Cedar Shake & Shingle, our Channel Siding collection embodies elegance and minimalism, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a clean and timeless appearance for their projects. The unique design of channel siding features distinctive channels or grooves that create a captivating shadow effect, adding depth and character to any structure. Whether you're working on a modern architectural masterpiece or a classic design, channel siding offers versatility and enduring appeal that never goes out of style.


Bevel siding, also known as clapboard or lap siding, is a classic choice that has graced homes for generations. Its enduring popularity stems from its simple yet elegant design. Bevel siding consists of long, narrow boards that are thicker at one edge and taper to a thinner edge, creating a distinctive overlapping pattern when installed. This traditional siding style exudes a timeless charm that complements a wide range of architectural designs. Explore the enduring appeal of bevel siding and enhance the aesthetics of your project with this classic choice.

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