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Pink Brick Home with Cedar Shake Roof

Durable Cedar Shakes for Sale in Ontario

Pacific Cedar Shake & Shingle is proud to offer our clients the option of durable cedar shakes in Ontario. There are many benefits of choosing cedar roofing for your home or business. Most notably, cedar roofing is durable, aesthetically pleasing and can help you reduce your overall energy costs due to the exceptional thermal insulation that it provides. At Pacific Cedar Shake & Shingle, visitors can visit the showroom directly to purchase shakes or arrange to have them shipped anywhere in Southern Ontario. In addition, we offer cedar shakes in several varieties, including:

Hand-Split and Re-Sawn Cedar Shakes

A hand-split and re-sawn cedar shake is split on the exposed face, showing the natural grain of the wood, while the back face is sawn smooth. This type of cedar shake gives off a rustic appearance. Hand-split and re-sawn shakes can be pressure-treated or fire-treated, if necessary.

Tapersawn Shakes

A tapersawn shake is produced with both faces sawn. It gives a neat, tailored look of a shingle with the rugged shadow line of a shake, caused by the thicker butt. Tapersawn shakes can be pressure-treated or fire-treated, if necessary.

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